AppCurious review

AppCurious is an iPhone app from Starkid Inc. It’s available now for free on the App Store and carries no additional in-app purchases.

AppCurious is a new social networking service that aims to help users connect with other users and discover new iPhone apps. When the user first opens AppCurious, they’re prompted to log in through Facebook or create an AppCurious account. After that, they can create a username, and set any visible profile info. Once that’s done, the focus shifts to the most important part of AppCurious — the apps. Users are asked to mark some of the apps they use on their iPhone. Finally, users are asked to follow at least five other users, with a recommendation list generated by celebrities and power users.

Once the info is set, the user’s feed is generated. Using a Twitter-like appearance, AppCurious shows activity from the user and everyone they follow. Whether they add apps to their collection, make comments, or answer questions, everything is shown in order to best connect users with new apps. The feed can be sorted in numerous ways, from recent activity, to recent questions, to listing popular apps and comments. The feed is the main tool for discovering new apps and connecting with others, but it currently suffers from the drawback of little popularity. There aren’t many users currently using AppCurious on a regular basis, meaning that the feed can feel a bit empty at times, even if a user is following numerous people.

The “Explore” option is also a great tool for finding new apps and people to follow. The first part of the explore tab is the AppCurious introduction video, which gives a very brief overview of what the app is trying to do, but doesn’t explain how it works. Below the video, AppCurious lists some of its more popular users and their top apps. Again, there’s not a lot of depth to this feature right now. The featured users consist mostly of celebrities and the AppCurious founders. Most of their showcased apps are popular apps and games that most users will have already used or at least have known of beforehand.

The “ask” function is potentially the most powerful tool for app discovery. When clicking on the ask tab, users are presented with a list of questions made by other users. Most questions are looking for the best app of a certain category, such as “What is the best app for email?” After writing a question, users pick a category and submit it to AppCurious. From there, others can check out the question and answer it by linking to an app’s AppCurious page. Like the rest of AppCurious, the lack of active users will determine how powerful this feature is over the long run.

Overall AppCurious is a social network with a ton of potential. Users who frequently want new apps, or are often looking for specific apps, will find a helpful resource and some helpful people. There’s also potential in AppCurious being used to help developers promote their apps, as the amount of sharing and interaction is high. Like any new social network, there are concerns about the longevity of AppCurious, but if the active userbase continues to grow, it will be a great way to discover new apps.

You can follow AppCurious’ progress on AppData, our tracking tool for mobile and social apps and developers.