Appcelerator introduces private cloud services to court bigger developers, enterprise clients

Mobile app development platform Appcelerator has expanded its cloud services offerings. Developers working with Appcelerator can now opt to have their own private, dedicated, cloud service servers that can be set up either virtually or at their own premises.

Appcelerator introduced cloud services to its product lineup earlier this year, giving the company a chance to expand its customer base to developers who weren’t using its Titanium development platform to create their apps. Appcelerator’s Cloud Services allow developers to incorporate common cloud features like photo storage and sharing, check-ins and chat into their apps using pre-built APIs, skipping the need to write code or set up severs.

Originally billed as a complexity free cloud services offering, today’s announcement of  dedicated, on-demand server resources opens up Appcelerator’s Cloud Services to developers with more significant data needs. It’s a move that will make Appcelerator’s offerings more attractive to larger-scale developers and enterprise clients — companies that need more control over how their servers operate or that wish to keep a closer eye on where their information is being stored and how it is managed. The move also brings the company’s cloud product suite more in line with other cloud service competitors like Amazon and Softlayer.

So far, more than 300,000 mobile developers have registered with Appcelerator and have used the company’s Titanium development platform to build over 40,000 apps. Appcelerator did not share how many developers are currently using the company’s new cloud services.