AppBrain Updates Android App With Social Features

I’ve written here several times about, which I think is the best web site for finding Android apps. In addition to the web site, there is also an AppBrain App Market Android app that has different features than Google’s Android Market app. Over the weekend an update to the AppBrain Android app was released that includes a more polished user interface and the ability to follow other users to see what apps they have on their phone.

When you start the app you see a home screen with four options, Manage And Sync, Recommended Apps, Browse Apps, and Explore Users. The Manage And Sync option is where you go to sync the list of applications on your phone with the AppBrain web site so that other people can see what apps are on your phone. For example, click here, to see what apps are on my Nexus One.

The Explore Users option is where you go to see what apps other people that you are following have on their phone. When you first select the option you will see two buttons, Find People, and Share Your Apps. Find People shows three options, Connect With Facebook, Browse Popular Users, and Share Your Apps. If you Connect With Facebook the app determines whether any of your Facebook friends are registered with AppBrain. Browse Popular Users provides a list of the AppBrain users who have the most followers, which you can also choose to follow, and this is a great way to find a few people to follow. Finally, the Share Your Apps option provides a way to send a link to the list of apps on your phone to a variety of social networks.

After you select people to follow their user names will appear in the People You Follow window and you can tap the user name to see the apps on their phone. If you are interested in any of the apps that you see, simply tap the app to install it on your phone. If you are interested in following me in AppBrain, click the Subscribe button on my AppBrain profile page.