AppBrain Shows Which Apps Can Move To SD Card

The Android Market is proving to be a fertile ground for third party enhancements, two of which I use are Appsfire and AppBrain. AppBrain has announced an enhancement to their web site that makes it easier to find apps that can be moved to a storage card.

Just about all Android phones have a MicroSD storage card and the latest versions of Android have the ability to run apps that are on the card. Because many Android phones have a limited amount of internal storage, the ability to put apps on the storage card means you can keep installing apps without affecting the phone’s performance.

App developers need to make a change to their app that specifies to Android that the app can be moved to the storage card. Certain apps that run when the phone first boots should not be put on the storage card, but unfortunately, too few developers have taken the time to make the simple change that provides users the choice to move the app to the card.

App 2 SD is a great app that will move apps to the storage card, but perhaps its best feature is that it automatically checks apps right after you install them to see if they can moved, and it if can it provides a notification. If you want to know before you install an app whether it can be moved, you can now use AppBrain’s new App2SD filter. The filter will list all of the apps in each category that can move to the storage card. You can not only use this feature to only install apps that can be put on a storage card, but you can also use it to find replacements for apps that cannot be moved.