Appboy introduces location targeting for increased mobile engagement

Image via Appboy

Mobile relationship management company Appboy has announced the launch of location targeting within its mobile toolset. This, mixed with the company’s existing user segmentation technology, is aimed at helping retailers, publishers and others with location-specific content, keep their users better engaged with their apps.

The location targeting feature will allow developers to isolate specific users, based on location, and send them multi-channel messaging in the form of push notifications, in-app messages, emails and more. A shopping app, for instance, could provide a notification to users who are close to one of the app’s supported stores.

The Appboy targeting can be fine-tuned to match publisher’s specific needs. These messages can be targeted to users that have used apps a specific number of times, only used a certain selection of features, have made in-app purchases, and also happen to be in a particular location, as examples.

Appboy believes retailers in particular can benefit from this new technology. A recent study by Parago found that 58 percent of all adult smartphone users regularly “showroom,” or shop for items in real world stores only to actually purchase them online at competing retailers.

Using Appboy’s technology, the company says it could allow those brick-and-mortar stores to send a notification (perhaps containing a coupon or other special offer) to users when they’re nearby, increasing the likelihood of a visit or sale.

“We are always developing new ways to lower user acquisition costs and increase retention rates in mobile for our clients,” said Appboy co-founder Mark Ghermezian, in a company statement. “Adding location targeting to our platform takes our service to a new level and extends our position at the forefront of mobile. Our clients can now deliver more intimate, contextual experiences to their users through geo-fencing and an industry-leading suite of marketing automation products.”

More information about Appboy’s location targeting can be found on the company’s website.