Appbistro Page App Marketplace Launches A Q&A For Page Administrators

Appbistro, a marketplace that distributes applications for Pages, launched a new Q&A site yesterday to help admins get responses to their questions about managing Facebook Pages. Announced in a blog post, the product known as Answers lets users pose questions to be answered by fellow users or a member of Appbistro’s assembled team of social media consultants. The system is powered by the Qhub Q&A site generator and currently includes questions like, “How do you remove application tabs?” and “How can I change my Page type?”

Answers helps remedy the lack of an existing interactive knowledge base for Page admins and others who work in the Facebook ecoysystem. Facebook’s Help Center has a Pages topic, but it does not cover application integration. We Teach Facebook offers some rudimentary lessons, and responds to questions on their own Page’s wall, but doesn’t provide any sort of database of answers. Q&A site Quora has a few good questions and answers on the topic, but it is too general to return a high volume of answers on such a small niche (at least at this point). Despite the market opportunity, Answers will only be useful if it can gather a community of members focused on teaching each other and not merely promoting their own services.

Once users have signed in with an email address or via Facebook, they are free to ask or answer anything. A question’s author assigns tags, and anyone can click to share their Answers activity to Facebook. Submitted answers can be thanked, reported as spam, or marked as unhelpful.

As Answers just launched, the community currently consists mostly of Appbistro employees plus the partner consultants, and they have shown some signs of self-promotion. When I asked where to find freelance developers, one of the partner consultants plugged himself. My request for streaming music app recommendations was met with an Appbistro employee providing four “” links to apps in their own marketplace. Having members who are employed to actively respond does ensure that most questions get answered, though.

The site has some slick features like badges to reward activity but lacks utilities like the ability to follow a question another user asks in order to track future responses. However, if the individual question pages are well optimized for search, Answers can benefit those searching the web at large for information on Page management by becoming a standing archive of knowledge, if not a thriving community.