Apparently Facebook Has Their Exit Strategy

According to a new Facebook job listing, it looks like Facebook may just be planning to go public. Facebook is looking to hire someone with “Minimum 4 years stock administration experience in an international public company, preferably a technology company” and “SOX 404 compliance knowledge.” If you are interested, go check out the job listing. While this is not the final sign of going public it looks like they are preparing just in case an acquisition doesn’t go through. If they are going to go public, my guess is that they will try to do so a year from now once they have crossed the 100 million user threshold. I have a funny feeling that there will be multiple positions that open up if they are truly trying to go public. This position sounds like a mid-level job rather than the person that will lead the charge in going public. They will definitely need to hire a few more people if they plan on going public. Other signs pointing to a public offering was their hiring of a new Vice President of Product Marketing. In addition to new finance people they are going to need a solid management team to gain the confidence of shareholders.

Thanks to Justin Smith for finding and posting about it.

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