Apparent iPhone 4 Alarm Bug

Engadget is reporting on a bug in the iPhone that appears to cause recurring alarms to go off one hour later than scheduled after a switch from Daylight Savings Time to Standard Time. Apparently, while the iPhone’s clock properly changes time, alarms that were previously created do not change. Engadget notes that Apple is aware of the problem and has promised a fix that has not yet appeared. The bug appears to have some interesting dependencies and it does not affect alarms that don’t repeat or repeat every day. For example, alarms scheduled to go off every Monday are affected by the bug but an alarm scheduled for next Monday is not affected.

According to cnet the bug became a trending topic on Twitter early in the morning on November 1 as European users tweeted being late to work because their iPhone didn’t wake them up on time. Sounds like a good reason to use a good old fashion alarm clock, you know the type where you wind the clock for it to run and set the alarm time by moving physical hands. Seriously, if you rely on alarms on the iPhone you will want to keep on eye out for any fixes to this bug from Apple, or plan use a backup so that you wake up on time.