App Store Beats iBookstore For Interactive Books

When it comes to interactive eBooks, Apple’s iBookstore is not living up to the company’s cutting edge reputation. While the iPad is certainly one of the best devices for rich media reading experiences, according to digital publisher Oceanhouse Media, its iTunes and not the iBookstore that offers this interactivity.

Publisher’s Weekly reports: “At this time Oceanhouse Media — the leading publisher of children’s digital book apps on Apple’s App Store, with the exclusive right to make apps of Dr. Seuss’s work — is not planning to sell there. ‘We believe that in order to have an effective digital children’s book you need a level of interactivity that cannot be provided for with iBooks,’ says Oceanhouse Media president Michel Kripalani. ‘Only apps can deliver this high level of interactivity, and much of the work is custom to each specific title.’”

This might explain why children’s books have been dominating the books category in the App Store for some time.

Via TeleRead.