App Preview: 3D Bookshelf–Classic Literature Collection

This has become a popular format for eReader apps: the realistically drawn bookshelf with some face-out books: it was first used in the Classics app, then used for iBooks, and you can also find it on this app: 3D Bookshelf–Classic Literature Collection, a $1 app that, like the classics app, comes pre-packaged with a bunch of public domain books, with more added each time the developers update the app.

The app is made by Ideal Binary, an Ireland-based app developer that also makes games and other iPhone software. The app launched in early January, and, as you can see from the screen shot below, it looks pretty similar to Classics.

What it seems to do differently from Classics is present the books using a somewhat more three-dimensional rendering. You can sort of tell from the screen shot that the depiction of the page attempts to simulate the curvature of the paper bending to meet the binding. And on the bookshelf, the book you’re looking at sticks out, like Apple’s cover flow.

Right now the app comes with 15 books, including ‘Emma,’ ‘The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes,’ and ‘Wuthering Heights.’ And as if that weren’t enough (pretty much all of that and more also comes with Classics), Ideal Binary is also sponsoring a contest where they’ll give away an iPad–check their Website for details.

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