App Estimates Your Smartphone Radiation Exposure

We use smartphones, cell phones and tablets for hours every day, but we know very little about how these devices affect our health. The potential health hazard has inspired an entire bookshelf of cautionary books.

The Tawkon app aims to measure your exposure to radiation when using your device. The app estimates the radiation level on your phone and tells you the safest places to make a call. We’ve embedded the introduction video above–what do you think?

Here’s more from the company: “Information is transmitted from the cell phone to the base station and vice versa via powerful, high-frequency electromagnetic fields. The level of radiation exposure is greatest when close to its source (the cell phone’s antenna) and decreases sharply when further from the phone … Your phone is equipped with internal measurements that offer insight into its radiation output. The phone manufactures don’t offer this info up front, so we tap into it for you, collecting and extracting data from your phone, such as: network type, band-GSM, UMTS, CDMA, channel, signal strength, phone model, and more.”

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