App Erases Evidence of Affairs

New product from the people behind Ashley Madison, the 'dating service for married people'

The past few weeks have been filled with reports of the iPhone’s secret location database and the ensuing outrage from consumers and government officials. Meanwhile, one group of tracking victims has been woefully overlooked: iPhone users having extramarital affairs. Luckily for them, The Wall Street Journal has the scoop on a new app from Toronto-based Avid Dating Life that is helping these poor folks erase evidence of their indiscretions.

The company (which also runs Ashley Madison, described by the WSJ as a "dating service for married people" and whose slogan is "Life is short. Have an affair.") is releasing an app called iWipe that erases location history files and prevents future tracking.

Apple has said that it will offer a free iPhone update that will let users opt out of the location data storage, but it hasn’t been made available yet. So Avid Dating Life took the matter into its own hands. "Because Apple didn’t step up and do the job, we, being the gatekeepers of discretion, decided to step in," the company's founder Noel Biderman told the WSJ. His company’s app, he said, took only 48 hours to develop.

iWipe’s users simply have to connect their iPhones to iTunes, back up the existing data, and the app will clear all location information and reload the modified contents back onto the phone. Biderman says that his company also hopes to release versions for Android and other mobile platforms.

Ashley Madison is already a pro at protecting user data, says the WSJ: Its 9.2 million members are kept anonymous, all of their messages are password protected, and if they decide to leave the service, their information and correspondence are completely erased.

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