App Developers Adding iPad 2 Camera Support: Evernote, Twitter, WordPress Apps Updated in Past Week

App developers are starting to provide support for the iPad 2’s cameras. Three apps I use received updates in the past week that included iPad 2 camera support.

1. Evernote 4.0.1: Ability to create snapshot notes using the iPad 2 cameras

2. Twitter 3.3.2: Photo and video capture support for the iPad 2

3. WordPress 2.7.1: Photo and video uploads now work on an iPad 2

I tested Evernote’s iPad 2 camera support by snapping a close-up photo of a pen’s tip, typing a short text note and synched it with Evernote’s server. You can see a screenshot segment to the left of the note as seen in a desktop web browser.

Although the iPad 2’s sub-megapixel cameras do not produce the high quality photos that the iPhone 4’s 5 megapixel rear-facing camera does, it still provides a valuable alternate input. Combined with the ease of typing text using the iPad’s large virtual keyboard, this is a valuable tool for many kinds of tasks.