Former Twitter Engineer Creates App That Lets You Delete Your Tweets With A Hashtag

Deleting tweets is a controversial practice, but does have its uses – and now former Twitter engineer Pierre Legrain has created an app to let you do so in an organized fashion.

“Spirit for Twitter” enables Twitter users to schedule their own tweets to be deleted. Here’s how it works.

Using Spirit for Twitter – a simple signup that grants the app, per usual, permission to read and post to your account – you’d append a hashtag like #12m, #1h, or #4d, and your tweet will disappear after the specified timeframe (12 minutes, 1 hour, 4 days).

Legrain created the app, similar to predecessor Efemr, using Twitter’s API, although time will tell if the company allows him to continue.

Potential practical uses of the technology:

– Businesses can offer flash discounts to Twitter followers that automatically expire after a designated amount of time

– Meteorologists can prevent storm warnings from being retweeted once they’re no longer in place

– Users can tweet their presence at an event or in a city to gauge whether or not friends or followers are present, and then have the tweet removed when they’re no longer there

Would you ever want to schedule your own tweets to be deleted?

Get Spirit for Twitter for yourself here.

(Delete image via Shutterstock.)