Facebook Creates An Application User Creativity Contest

This afternoon Facebook began requesting feedback from users about which applications they like to use the most. Some of those videos will then be included in a video at the company’s annual f8 even that is taking place less than a month from now. While it’s not exactly a formal awards program, Facebook is soliciting developers to encourage their users to submit their own videos about why they use certain applications.

Those developers who have the most creative users will be able to get more publicity at f8. Not that developers are unaware of the creative user base on Facebook, however it’s always nice to see your hard work recognized not only by Facebook but by the users. While Zynga has always been effective at driving users to vote on various contests, the real test is how creative users can get.

In January we covered a robot candy dispenser that a Playfish user had developed and it highlights some of the creativity out there among Facebook app users. With hundreds of millions of application users, there will most definitely be some extremely creative videos. It will be interesting to see the results at the upcoming f8.

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