These 4 Stats Show Why Snapchat Users Often Cannot Be Reached on Facebook and YouTube

Not to mention Instagram and Messenger

Snapchat is still extremely popular with its audience. Getty Images
Headshot of David Cohen

Brands that think they can reach Snapchat users on other social platforms might want to rethink that strategy. In fact, here are four data points from App Annie that marketers should consider:

    1. On any given day, 35 percent of Snapchat’s daily users cannot be reached on Facebook.
    2. On any given day, 46 percent of Snapchat’s daily users cannot be reached on  Instagram.
    3. On any given day, 58 percent of Snapchat’s daily users cannot be reached on Facebook Messenger.
    4. On any given day, 61 percent of Snapchat’s daily users cannot be reached on YouTube.

App Annie senior manager of content marketing Kate Donahue offered more details in a blog post:

We analyzed smartphone users in the U.S. and U.K. during the fourth quarter of 2016 to see how they divide their time between social apps, with a specific interest in audience overlap with Snapchat. Overall, the most overlap occurred with Facebook’s main apps: Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. …Given Facebook’s global reach, marketers should take notice that a significant number of Snapchat users are not using Facebook on a daily basis.

App Annie also recently released its 2017 Global Usage report, and findings included:

    • Time spent in apps reached 1 trillion hours in 2016, with global users average two to three hours per day in apps.
    • The average consumer uses more than 30 apps per month and around 10 on a daily basis.
    • The top category for apps was utilities and tools, followed closely by social networking and communication.
    • Dating and productivity apps led in terms of most average sessions per day, at four. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.