Apocalypto Courts Latins, LA Times Jealous of Methods


Apocalypto is being marketed to Latinos and Native Americans, according to Robert W. Welkos, writing in the LA Times. Due to the miracle of the internet, readers can’t see him blush.

Considering that David Hiller, newly appointed publisher of the paper, has announced that Spanish-speaking residents of Southern California are a target audience of consumers, one would think that the LA Times would avoid the subject of pots, kettles and the color black.

Disney, ever the canny marketer, invited Ewdard James Olmos to a screening of Apocalypto and got a quote that the Times would kill for:

Olmos noted that the film tells the story of “first-nation” people–those who were here long before Europeans landed on their shores. Olmos said the story is “just breathtaking.”

FBLA wonders why the Times is taking a tone of shock and awe when reporting about this movie. The Latino population has been ignored by mass merchants until recently, and when someone actually notices them, they respond. Rocket science, it’s not. Ask Gregory Rodriguez.

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