APOCALYPSE WATCH: 47% of Americans ‘Can’t Last a Day’ Without a Smartphone

smartphone addictionSo, I love my phone.

I’m at a stop light — there’s my phone. I’m bored in a meeting — there’s my phone. I’m spending 5-10 minutes “occupied” — there’s my phone. Whatever the need, my phone is my trusty sidekick.

The difference between me and you (shout out to Dr. Dre) is that I can put the thing down, take a deep breath, and walk away. However, there are others who break out in hives if the thought even comes up in conversation.

And thanks to this study by Bank of America, we find that almost half of this country feels the same way. That explains a lot.

Naturally, BofA is trying to shill for mobile banking in the study, so we will use editorial license to work around that brief commercial. One of the alarming lines in the study was a ranking of importance to people’s daily lives, 91 percent of people said smartphones were only ranked below hygiene and the Internet.

And then there’s this: 76 percent of the participants found their smartphones to be more important than television, and 60 percent of them found their mobile devices to be more important than coffee. The ranking of the devices over toothbrushes and deodorant was most common among younger smartphone users.

So, while we mourn for the progression of our nation, it seems hipsters have a renewed sense of priorities in their dating lives.