APOCALYPSE WATCH 2014: Time Begins Selling Ads on Its Cover

Time_ResponsiveIt has been 91 years. More than nine decades that the weekly stalwart of news and current events has come to us with gripping articles, stunning pictures, and the epitome of journalism. Selling its soul was the last thing anyone thought Time magazine was capable of doing.

And then the Internet happened, which changed the landscape of print journalism forever.

To wit, we have the latest sign of the Four Horsemen riding over the horizon bring the judgment with them in their saddlebags. Yes, PR professionals. Time magazine is finally selling advertising spots on its hallowed cover. The horrifying proof is after the jump…

Time seems to be one of the last pioneers of journalism that was holding out — not giving in to vultures of advertising. At least, that’s what it seemed because its cover was considered sacred for photographic images of our world devoid of big brands willing to shill out six figures for a modicum of exposure.

Another reason is because ads on covers violate widely observed guidelines from the American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME). Those guidelines were sacrosanct but there’s that money thing, which gets in the way of protecting editorial independence from marketers. Don’t ya’ hate it when that happens?

And so, welcome to the future of journalism:


Look closer because this will change in no time flat…


Someone hold me?