Apmetrix announces mobile ad exchange with 85 percent payouts

Image via Apmetrix

Real-time analytics platform Apmetrix has announced the launch of it mobile ad exchange for iOS and Android, created in partnership with Inneractive to serve ads from over 120 partners worldwide with a single SDK.

Apmetrix’s exchange promises to offer the “highest revenue percentage” to publishers, at 85 percent. Using Apmetrix’s existing analytics platform, publishers will be able see the results of their ad-campaigns in real-time. This allows advertisers to maximize revenue by making any necessary changes to those campaigns on the spot, without waiting for slower reports to roll in.

Apmetrix’s platform also offers push notifications to further increase user engagement within an app, as developers can monitor user behavior and target specific kinds of users with notifications, depending on how they’ve previously interacted with an app.

“With the mobile advertising market exploding, we really wanted to change the rules of the game by offering our partners an unprecedented revenue share and the experience of a platform that is as transparent and frictionless as can be found on the web,” said Lee Jacobson, CEO of Apmetrix, in a company release.

Apmetrix’s exchange is now available to all publishers on iOS and Android. Interested developers can sign up for free on the company’s website.