Apexart Showcases Creatively Reworked Commercials

At a time when every commercial seems to be underlaid with the tender jingling of bells, Vampire Weekend’s “Holiday,” or both, we suggest seeking creative solace in “COMVIDEO,” an open call exhibition on view at New York’s apexart through Wednesday, December 22. The not-for-profit visual arts organization invited artists and creative types from around the world to cut, dub, reverse, add to, and otherwise manipulate at least one broadcast commercial and submit a 60-second video. A group ranging from Konstantin Adjer to Jody Zellen responded with 124 videos (watch them online here). Why commercials? “Commercials are one of the most interesting love children of capitalism and ego,” writes Pinky Carnage in an essay that accompanies the exhibition. “They are all charm with their aggression while pretending to be your buddy. They care about you, what you are into, and what makes you tick. They are so grooooovy that they can play hacky-sack with you or have a beer, go antiquing….Whatever you want, they want, as long as you want them.” So which of the reworked commercials do you want to see shown on a public screen in Manhattan? Apexart is accepting online votes through January 15. The five videos that rack up the most votes will get megascreen time, while the winning creator will take home a $2,000 cash prize. The winner and finalists will be announced January 19, so stay tuned.