AP Turning Into Us Weekly?

mary-louise-parker-picture-1.jpgTraditionally, anonymous quotes are the lifeblood of celeb weeklies. They allow “friends” and “acquaintances” to dish on the rich and famous while being shielded from any wrath by a veil of secrecy. Now, it seems the Associated Press wants in on the anonymous source game.

From an article about the called-off engagement of Mary Louise Parker and Jeffrey Dean Morgan:

Parker, who plays an upscale suburban marijuana dealer on the Showtime comedy, ended the relationship with her actor fiance, according to a person close to the former couple. The person, who requested anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the relationship, said the couple had differing lifestyles, but that Parker holds Morgan in the highest regard and hopes they remain friends.

We used to hold the AP in the highest regard. Not so much anymore.