AP to Shift Online Video to News Distribution Network Platform

The Associated Press will shift its hosted online-video operations to a digital platform from digital-video and ad-solutions company News Distribution Network, and the transition is expected to wrap up during the first quarter of 2011.

NDN will service the 1,500 or so affiliates of AP’s Online Video Network and provide fresh video content in more than one-dozen categories, customization, and revenue opportunities.

AP Digital general manager Nick Ascheim said:

Each network works with affiliates to promote its video player, aggregating hundreds of sites into a distributed network supported by the sale of advertising. This agreement between AP and NDN offers the opportunity, in effect, to combine these networks, increasing their reach and scale. Our arrangement with NDN is the next step in the evolution of AP’s online-video efforts. Under this new distribution agreement, members will continue to receive AP’s unmatched video coverage of breaking news, and now have the opportunity to reach new audiences with engaging content from other news providers.

NDN CEO Greg Peters added:

We look forward to working with the AP in its broad initiative to improve the online-video experience with a wide range of products — from live, raw, and unproduced footage to ready-to-publish, polished applications for online news.