AP Stylebook Has New Food Guidelines

The latest print edition of the 2011 AP Stylebook has a new set of guidelines for food writing, including 140 new terms. Among the new entries are “locavore,” “amuse-bouche,” “huitlacoche” (a.k.a. “corn smut”), and  “farmstead.”

Top Chef Masters helps us out with the details on an “amuse-bouche” (above). For the rest, you can check out the AP Stylebook website. The latest edition also has some previously announced changes included.

Separately but sort of related, check out this story from yesterday’s Times if you haven’t already about marketing foods with wellness benefits. The FTC is turning a critical eye to brands that claim health benefits without the science to back it up. So the language you use will become even more important going forward.

[via Poynter.org]