AP Reaches Payroll Cut Goal; Names Within

With this week’s 90 layoffs, the AP has achieved its goal of a 10 percent reduction in payroll costs.

That’s 90 cuts, not 400, the previous estimate of the number of jobs that would be cut. AP staffers are probably breathing a sigh of relief right now.

The Newspaper Guild printed a partial list of those jettisoned, which we’ve reprinted after the jump.

Don Mitchell, Denver; Dave De Grace, Milwaukee; Bob Imrie, Wausau; Dan Lovering, Pittsburgh; Al Grillo, Anchorage; Harry Cabluck, Austin; Donna McWilliam, Andre Coe and Nicole Edwards, all in Dallas; Donna Borak, Washington D.C.; Deborah Hastings and Mike Obel, New York; Ben Leubsdorf, Detroit; Katrina Goggins, Columbia, SC; Brian Charlton, Kansas City; Jessica Pasko, Albany; Typhanny Tucker, Portland, OR; Judi Boland, Oklahoma City; Barbara Rodriguez, Raleigh; Winslow Townsend and Lisa Poole, Boston; Rob Myers, Los Angeles; and several news editors across the country. Several staffers overseas reportedly also have been cut, and the layoffs continue today, thus far claiming Maryann Chastain, South Carolina; Betsy Taylor, St. Louis; Doug Simpson, Baton Rouge; William Kates, Syracuse; Damian Grass, Miami; Nancy Rabinowitz, Boston; and others.