AP Places Emphasis On Social Media With New Appointment

The Associated Press is starting to put some weight behind social media and networking with the appointment of a new manager to head up the news organization’s social media projects.

27-year-old Lauren McCullough, who has been working to lead the AP’s social networking efforts, has been named manager of social networks and news engagement for the new “AP Nerve Center.” She’ll lead the Social Network Center, one of four parts of the AP’s new New York HQ, the wire reported yesterday.

In her new position, McCullough will “direct the work of editors [in New York] and around the company in pursuing journalistic material from social networks, promoting AP’s presence and content on social networks, and providing feedback to news managers on topics of high interest on social networks.” She will also be working to set standards and practices that the AP’s reporters must follow when engaging in social network sites — other news orgs have also recently implemented such rules.

The AP may be a little late to the party in establishing a social media editor, but it looks like the organization is working to restructure the way its reporters gather and report the news, ushering in a new decade with a new view on what’s important to journalism today.

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