AP Names Top Editors To Run New News Center

The Associated Press has appointed two editors to top positions at its new News Center.

Yesterday, the news service announced that the AP’s Middle East editor Sally Buzbee has been promoted to deputy managing editor for the AP News Center, while Tamer Fakahany, managing editor of news production for AP Television News, will now serve as assistant managing editor.

The News Center will be a news hub based in New York that “will work closely with AP’s regional and department leaders to deliver the most comprehensive, competitive coverage in all formats of the day’s top stories,” the AP reported. Buzbee’s responsibilities will be to build and run the Center, while Fakahany will work evening hours to coincide with reporters in Asia, the Middle East and Europe starting their days. Explained the AP:

“While there has always been supervision of AP’s news coverage from headquarters, the News Center is a new concept intended to help support field leaders who are directing coverage. It also will be a place to experiment with new kinds of storytelling and fresh ways to engage readers and viewers.”

Buzbee joined the AP in 1988 and worked in Topeka, Kan., San Diego and Washington, D.C. before moving to Egypt to cover the Middle East in 2004. Fakahany has worked for the news service for 11 years, covering conflicts in Bosnia and the Middle East, the 2002 World Cup in Seoul, the 2004 Athens Olympics and several U.S. presidential elections.

Buzbee’s appointment in New York is effective immediately, while Fakahany will be joining her in the coming weeks.

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