AP Mobile Video Graphics: Slideshow Explanations for the iPhone and Palm Pre

[iPhone] AP Mobile video graphics on 12seconds.tv

As great as mobile devices are for web browsing these days, their small screens make it difficult to look at some graphically presented data such as large charts and, especially, many of these charts. Old fashioned newspapers and magazines do this job remarkably well though. The Associated Press (AP) took on the challenge and pointed out their technique for presenting somewhat complicated information on the small screen.

AP Mobile video graphics explore complex, quirky

Their video graphics is really a slide show presentation via their apps for the iPhone and Palm Pre. I took a look at this feature in the AP Mobile iPhone app. And, I have to say that the presentations I took a look at were interesting and informative. However, I wish they would lose the background music unless it is directly related to the topic (such as the Michael Jackson #1 hits slideshow).