AP Mobile Hits Milestone

The Associated Press said that after the one-year launch of AP Mobile, more than 55 million local stories have been read on the platform.

Member participation advanced 887 percent with more than 1,000 local sources distributing news on AP Mobile. When the AP launched the initiative, 107 members took part in the application.

“Delivering more than 55 million local stories demonstrates that this is the year of mobile for news consumers,” Jeff Litvack, general manager for mobile and emerging products at AP, said in a statement. “The AP Mobile readership places a high value on news that is increasingly local and relevant to their communities.”

Some statistics on AP Mobile usage:

* 63 percent of users are adults age 18-to-34.

* Men represent 78 percent of traffic to all subject areas and 82 percent for sports.

* On average, users spend 17 minutes per month with AP mobile apps.

* BlackBerry and iPhone owners average 7 page views per visit.