AP iPad App Subscription Fees May Help AP, But What About Local Newspapers?

Newspaper and magazine publishing are dying industries. Both appear to be looking at the iPad as a way to create a paper-less revenue stream. In fact, Associated Press’ VP of Global Product Development, Jane Seagrave, added the title of Chief Revenue Officer recently. According to Business Insider, AP’s plan is to develop an iPad app that ddraws its news content through a paid subscription service…

Associated Press Developing Apple iPad App, Announces New ‘AP Gateway’ Unit

This may help AP’s revenue stream. But, will people pay for a subscription for AP news content? And, what about the actual newspapers that AP provides content to? Are local newspapers still on the road to extinction? Or, is there a hyperlocal scenario that can save them?

I spoke with Jane Seagrave in October 2009 to talk about the AP Stylebook iPhone app. You can listen to that podcast in the embedded player below.