AP Hires Mashable Exec to Build Digital Ad Strategy

Ken Detlet to expand ad sales team

The Associated Press hired former Mashable ad sales exec Ken Detlet to be its first vp of digital advertising strategy and sales as the news organization tries to augment its news-licensing business with ad-supported products.

In the past, the AP has relied mostly on third-party networks to handle its ad-supported properties, which include the AP Mobile app, sports microsites, and YouTube channel. While the AP will continue to work with these third parties, Detlet will also work on developing “a program and team to work directly with advertisers on custom opportunities that could span the full portfolio,” according to a statement.

This won’t be new turf for Detlet, who accomplished a similar task when he was hired by Mashable in 2011. (Previously, he held positions at Dow Jones, Gannett, and Ziff Davis.) At the time, Mashable was also selling ads through a third party, Federated Media. Under Detlet, Mashable ended its partnership with Federated Media, took control of its own ad sales and inventory, and began creating custom programs for large companies like Ford and Samsung.