AOL’s Seed Considers Outsourcing Copy-Editing, Fact-Checking
AOL’s may be offering copy-editing and fact-checking assignments to its freelance contributors, Business Insider reports. This hypothesis is based on an ongoing survey sent out to Seed contributors that asks “how interested are you in copy editing assignments?” competitor Demand Studios already does this, for $3.50 per story. So it’s unsurprising that Seed is considering the same.

We were more interested in seeing another item on the survey: “How interested are you in assignments made just to you (instead of open to all)?”

Seed’s system currently allows assignments (some of which pay rates comparable to a small magazine) to be claimed by as many people as want it, which means a whole bunch of people are essentially writing on spec and also leads to some hilarious situations. So for the site to create “exclusive” assignments is actually a pretty big deal.