AOL’s Platform-A Ad Network Makes Guaranteed CPM Offer for Facebook & Bebo Developers

AOL’s Platform-A ad network made a major splash in the social networking platform advertising space today by announcing guaranteed CPMs for Facebook and Bebo application developers. While the CPMs were not disclosed, numbers we’re hearing are under $1.00 but well above the $0.10 floor most publishers see with remnant networks. PaidContent reports the floor will be $0.40.

The offer is good news for Facebook developers hoping to squeeze more money out of their inventory. Platform-A will greatly expand the universe of advertisers who will be able to purchase Facebook app inventory. Advertisers will be able to add Facebook apps to their media mix by purchasing inventory in Platform-A’s WIDGNET widget and application network.

However, the guaranteed CPM rates will apply to the first three impressions for each unique U.S. visitor who visits a member application. This means that the amount of money app developers will make through Platform-A primarily depends on the US reach of their audience.

“This announcement reinforces Platform-A’s commitment to helping developers generate revenue and monetize their Bebo and Facebook applications in the rapidly evolving social networking space. Advertiser interest in social networks is rising at a steady rate, and Platform-A is making an unprecedented flat-fee commitment to help application developers generate revenue and guarantee monetization of their applications,” said Dave Jacobs, Senior Vice President of Publisher Services, Platform-A Networks.

Social platform ad network Lookery has announced similar guarantees in the past, but only the $0.125 CPM European guarantee is currently open for new developers to join.

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