AOL's New Magazine Style Site – Politics Daily

From AOL’s MediaGlow comes a new magazine-style political site called Politics Daily. Previously a part of AOL News Network, Politics Daily is now being launched as a separate site featuring top-tier political writers with their in-depth and informed reporting, analysis and opinion of, well what else but U.S. Politics.   Politics Daily aims to become a different political sites by offering original news reports, regular fact checking stories and long-lead reporting and writing. Politics Daily has all the making of a successful political site. For one, it will be run by former New York Times Washington correspondent Melinda Henneberger. Ms. Henneberger is bringing her extensive experience with her new post as editor-in-chief of Politics Daily.

Politics Daily hopes to offer well though out news stories, in balanced with opinions and commentaries from its writers coming from different major publications including Walter Shapiro (USA Today), Jill Lawrence (USA Today and AP), Carl Cannon (Reader’s Digest, Baltimore Sun), and more.
“The site hopes to build a relationship with readers regardless of which political spectrum they belong to. Aside from daily columns, Politics Daily would also have regular features including Woman Up, The Cram, The Capitolist, The Daily FLOTUS, Obama Report Card, and Weekend Film.
From the words of editor-in-chief Henneberger:
“We want to distinguish ourselves with plain, old-fashioned, high-quality reporting and writing — counter-programming, in other words, against the conventional wisdom that accuracy is irrelevant and journalistic values are about as quaint as the Geneva Conventions, circa 2005.”
There you go, for all of you who minds politics, this site is for you.