AOL’s ‘Content Incubator’ Is Ready To Glow, Er, Grow

Remember MediaGlow? Turns out they’re still doing big things. BusinessWeek reports that the content arm of AOL is “readying a blitz around Web content” with its more than 70 content sites and its plans to launch at least 30 more by year-end.
This is nothing but good news for online scribes at all levels: on some of AOL’s sites, the strategy remains to “hire a few low-cost bloggers and stoke traffic by having them fling torrents of posts, links, and photo galleries at the Web.” But as we reported last month, MediaGlow is willing to pay for big names too. BW says: “Wobbly as the business of content may be, AOL is doubling down on it.”
The BW writer even dropped a few hints about what types of niche content sites AOL plans to grow: “As for other launches, a spokeswoman confirms that sites targeting pet owners and gamers are on tap. AOL also owns a ton of trademarked names it has yet to use. Look for at least two—Kitchendaily and Reality Squad, a blog about reality TV—to surface in 2009 as well.”
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