AOL TV Gauges Fans’ Feelings on American Idol

AOL’s pop culture news site,, plans to exclusively premiere the winning version of the debut single from this season finale of American Idol at midnight Wednesday May 20.

The song, “No Boundaries” was written by American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi, along with Cathy Dennis and Mitch Allen and produced by Eman, and was performed by both finalists, Adam Lambert and Kris Allen, last night.

The Idol winner will be announced live tonight on Fox.

Meanwhile, AOL Television’s American Idol poll recently asked fans to vote on the best and worst of the season. Following are the findings:

What was the best performance this season?   
 Kris Allen, ‘Ain’t No  Sunshine’  25%
 Anoop Desai, ‘Always on My  Mind’  2%
 Matt Giraud, ‘Human  Nature’  1%
 Danny Gokey, ‘What Hurts the  Most  15%
 Allison Iraheta, ‘Papa Was a  Rolling Stone’  9%
 Adam Lambert, ‘Mad  World  48% – WINNER
 What was the worst performance this  season?   
Anoop Desai, ‘Beat  It’  8%
 Matt Giraud, ‘Viva La  Vida’  3%
 Danny Gokey, ‘Dream  On’ 12%
 Megan Joy, ‘Turn Your Lights  Down Low’ 37% – WINNER
 Scott MacIntyre, ‘You Can’t  Hurry Love’  9%
 Nick Mitchell, ‘And I Am  Telling You’  31%
 Who was the most overrated contestant this  season?   
 Anoop Desai 8%
 Matt Giraud  9%
 Danny Gokey  12%
 Adam Lambert 20%
 Scott MacIntyre  22%
 Lil Rounds  28% – WINNER
 What did you think of Judge Kara DioGuardi? 
 Great! She’s brought  refreshing change. 4,199 26%
 Awful. Back to the classic  three-judge format! 7,255 44% – WINNER
 Just OK. She needs to be more  insightful though. 4,875 30%
 Would you watch ‘Idol’ if Simon Cowell left?  
 Yes, it’s about the  singing 19%
 No, he makes the show  49% – WINNER
 Maybe, if they found a good  replacement. 32%
 Would you vote for an openly gay  contestant? 
 Yes, who cares about their  personal lives.  59% – WINNER
 No, I think it’s  wrong.  13%
 Only if they’re good … so it  depends 29%
 How much does a contestant’s life story affect your  vote?
 A lot. You’re voting for a  person, not just a voice.  10%
 Somewhat, I can’t help being affected.  26%
 Not at all. It’s about the singing, period.  64% – WINNER
 What did you think of the judges’  save? 
 Brilliant idea. Hope it’s back next year.  27%
 Horrible! Fire whoever thought  of it. 27%
 It was OK, but they misused  it.  45% – WINNER
 Who was the best mentor? 
 Randy Travis  14%
 Smokey Robinson  25%
 Quentin Tarantino  9%
 Jamie Foxx  38% – WINNER
 Slash  14%
 What was the worst theme week? 
 Grand Ole Opry  27% –
 Motown  6%
 Popular Downloads  13%
 ’Idol’ at the Movies 1 12%
 Disco 35% – WINNER
 Classic Rock  6%
 The return of the wildcard format was  … 
 Great. It saved some of my  favorites.  45% -WINNER
 Stupid. It should be America’s  choice.  26%
 Just OK.  29%
 Which season had the hottest  finalists?
 Season 8 37% – WINNER
 Season 7 16%
 Season 6 3%
 Season 5 12%
 Season 4 31%
 Season 1 2%
 Does winning ‘Idol’ matter anymore?  

 Yes. Look at David Cook, Carrie Underwood, etc.  20%
 No. Look at Chris Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson,  etc. 49% – WINNER
 I’m not sure. It matters for  some, not for others. 4371 31%
 Who’s your favorite non-winner ‘Idol’  alum?
  Total Votes Percentage
 David Archuleta  14%
 Melinda Doolittle  5%
 Elliott Yamin  6%
 Chris Daughtry  52% – WINNER
 Jennifer Hudson  14%
 Clay Aiken 1 9%
 Is ‘American Idol’ still exciting?   
 Yes. I’m obsessed as  ever.  70% – WINNER
 No. It’s getting old.  12%
 Sort of, but this season was  boring. 18%