AOL ‘Sunsets’ MyMobile, Other Services

AOL is planning to shut down a number of “non-performing products,” said people with knowledge of the situation, according to TechCrunch. There’s an internal e-mail floating around about the products, which include MyMobile, AOL Pictures, Xdrive, and Bluestring.

“Mobile: We have decided to halt further investment in AIMWorld and will sunset MyMobile next year in order to focus on our core revenue producing products (ie, mail, messaging, portal and mapping),” the e-mail said. “Along with these core products we will focus on developing for key devices like the iPhone and the Blackberry. We will also leverage open services through OpenMobile to engage third party mobile developers in order to create new applications and experiences, which will expand distribution without additional internal development costs.”

The company has plenty of other mobile efforts in play, but could this be a sign that AOL is prepping the company for a tidy sale?