AOL Still Has 2.2 Million Dial-up Subscribers

AOL has released its third quarter earnings and guess what? There are still people out there — 2.2 million of them — who use the company’s dial-up Internet service.

Thanks in part to those who prefer to live like it’s 1996, AOL’s membership division posted $196 million in revenue this quarter. Ad revenue for the company was up 18 percent, to $473 million. AOL’s total revenue was up 12 percent compared to last year.

“AOL is a leader in global content, video, mobile, and programmatic advertising and is positioned directly at the center of the most disruptive changes happening online and offline in culture and code,” said Tim Armstrong, AOL’s CEO, in a statement.

That’s swell.

All we want to know is, of the 2.2 million AOL dial-up subscribers, how many have heard the new Ugly Kid Joe album? It’s well worth a listen.