AOL Still For Sale, but So Far No One Cares

AOL_Mobile_Web.jpgAs the New York Times reports, Time Warner is again exploring whether it can persuade either Microsoft or Yahoo to buy its AOL unit, amid all of the recent maneuvering about Yahoo.

The report said that while “both Microsoft and Yahoo continue to listen to ideas from Time Warner,” neither company appeared to be especially interested at this point. Those two companies are busy talking/fighting/arguing with each other, anyway.

Richard Greenfield
, a Pali Capital analyst, said in the article that it seemed unlikely that any deal for AOL would be struck before the Yahoo shareholder vote. “I don’t see why anyone would make a move now with all the pieces on the chess board where they are,” he said, especially since the value of AOL is declining lately, and that the name is so “toxic” with consumers that when the company launches new Web sites, it doesn’t stick the AOL name anywhere on them.

But he added in the report that Yahoo and Microsoft also face significant problems. “I’m not sure a combination of any of them solves it,” he said.