AOL Rolls Out Pixcetera; a Photo Gallery Site for Top Quality Photos

For AOL, the old adage “Better Late Than Never” still works. It just launched its new online product that doesn’t carry the AOL name, the PIXCETERA. This site is an online photo gallery similar to industry leaders Flickr, Photobucket and other online photo gallery site. However, Pixcetera is focusing exclusively on top-quality photographs culled from various AOL sites.

Pixcetera currently features thousand of professional images and galleries from AOL networks, which AOL Senior Vice President of Experience Design Peter Rivera claims as photos that “stop you in your tracks.” And indeed, those photos are stunningly beautiful and would really make stop and stare at it for a longer that you would plan to.

In addition to these photo gallery, pixcetera also features AOL’s very own photo editors blogging about trends in photography as well as giving out photography tips and tricks. AOL is looking into the possibility of serving ads on alongside these photo galleries.


tera categorizes photos on the site in various themes including fashion, astronomy, sports, natura and celebrities. It showcase best photos from these categories on a weekly basis. Featured photos also include those coming from AOL’s content partners’ such as AP, Reuters and other major photo providers.

Ok, time to enjoy some great photography folks. Join me in exploring Pixcetera now.