AOL Patch to Launch Hyperlocal Latino Sites in SoCal

Perhaps responding to criticisms about its lack of diversity, AOL HuffPo is launching new Patch sites geared towards Latino readership in Southern California. Three new Patch Latino sites will launch here by the end of the year, although no decisions have apparently been made regarding what communities those sites will cover. (How about Bell anyone?)

HuffPo spokesman Mario Ruiz told us the new offerings will in no way effect the media conglomerate’s existing AOL Latino site. “Patch Latino is hyperlocal, like all Patch sites. And AOL Latino is national (and international) coverage.”

Interesting. Small, ethnic community newspapers seem to be the one aspect of the print world that remains thriving. I suspect Patch Latino is more about promoting diversity at this point then any serious effort to tap into that market. But one would have to imagine a Patch model for say, LA’s Korean community–with its various thriving newspapers–could be quite successful.

Additionally, on top of Patch news, it was announced today that Sheila Johnson is coming onboard the company to serve as “Strategic Advisor for Multicultural and African-American Initiatives.” Johnson already worked with HuffPo in an advisory capacity for HuffPo Global Black.

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