AOL Hopes These 2 New Ad Formats Will Thwart Off Ad Blocking

Including giving out free Verizon data

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AOL wants marketers to help build its next ad formats. At CES today, the Verizon-owned company is launching a new initiative called BrandBuilder that includes two new types of ads.

By working directly with marketers to conceptualize ad formats and creative, AOL hopes to create custom and native ads that encourage consumers to not use an ad blocker. One of the new ad units, for example, doles out free Verizon data in exchange for clicking on a mobile ad to download a coupon.

"Less intrusive ad experiences like Player Up and DataPerks will give viewers the experience they desire, and we anticipate seeing higher engagement numbers as a result," said Spencer Sloe, vp of advertising product and strategy for AOL Content and Strategy. "If consumers are receiving value from the ads they see, it's likely that they won't feel compelled to use ad blockers."

One of AOL's new ad formats uses parent company Verizon to reward consumers who click on mobile ads. DataPerks is a mobile ad that asks consumers to complete an action—like entering an email address, taking a survey or downloading a coupon—once someone clicks on it. In exchange for clicking on the ad, a credit for more data is automatically applied to Verizon customers' phone bills.

The other new ad format—dubbed Player Up—is for video. When consumers click to play a video, a full-page ad takes over the screen for 3 to 7 seconds before the video begins playing. While the video plays, a watermark appears in the bottom corner of the screen that switches between showing the advertiser and publisher's logo. And if someone pauses the clip, the ad slides over the screen until someone presses the play button. EBay was one of the first brands to run a Player Up ad and worked with AOL to create the ad format.

Take a look at the video below to see how Player Up works.

@laurenjohnson Lauren Johnson is a senior technology editor for Adweek, where she specializes in covering mobile, social platforms and emerging tech.