AOL Hiring An ‘Internet Believer’

AOL is looking for someone to entice people to work for Seed, its answer to the likes of Associated Content and Demand Media.

That may be tough, as Seed’s reputation was established early on as a bit of a “black hole.”

SAI puts it thus: ‘AOL needs someone to seduce journalists into working for its “Seed” content factory.’

Whatever it is, the job listing itself is a bit strange, asking for an “Internet Believer” (though the official title is “Seed Network Manager”) and includes the following paragraphs:

Do you want to make the Internet better?

We do too. And we’re looking for people to help us. We need free spirits and straight shooters. Creatives and critics. Nerds with nerve. People who love the Internet, but can see its cracks… and future too.

Better than corporate-speak to be sure but truly a bit bizarre.

More from the listing:

“This is an exciting position for someone with a lot of experience dealing with freelance writers and other creative professionals who wants to be in the vanguard of the news and information industry. It requires the creativity to invent new methods to create high quality content through innovative and satisfying relationships with creators.”