AOL Goes For the Wireless Jugular

AIMsmiley.jpgSascha Segan, lead cell phone analyst for PC Magazine, reports that AOL unveiled several new cell phone-based services Tuesday at the CTIA Wireless IT & Entertainment trade show in San Francisco.

AOL’s “splashiest release is AOL MyMobile, an application for Windows Mobile phones that uses a carousel-like interface to access several AOL-owned services, including AOL Mail, MapQuest and Moviefone,” Segan wrote. “MyMobile’s major competitor is Yahoo! Go Mobile, an app from Yahoo! which also uses a carousel-like interface to give users access to Yahoo! and Flickr services.”

AOL is also introducing other products, such as AIM instant messaging to every phone via a new SMS-based text service, a mobile AOL Web site revamp, and a paid widget that lets Alltel and Boost customers find each other using their cell phones’ built-in GPS chipsets.

These moves follow an earlier BusinessWeek report suggesting that AOL has ambitious mobile plans, a prediction that’s turning out to be true.

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