AOL Goes Back in Time…Again

Everything old is new again, or so the saying goes. If that’s the case, AOL is cutting edge.aol_desktopAllow me to introduce you to the new AOL Desktop. If it looks familiar that’s because it is. The look, feel and features of the application are remarkably similar to the AOL client that the company abandoned several years back. The one notable difference is that this time it’s free.

So why should you take the time to make the download? We’re not sure. But we will report the facts.

The goal is to give users an interface where the things they want and need can be accessed with a single click. Whether it’s e-mail (not necessarily AOL), headlines or music, a multi-tabbed interface puts everything right in front of you. In typical AOL fashion you will be force fed content that is provided by companies that they own.

A quick look at AOL Desktop has us feeling very Web 1.0. The fact that AOL has reverted to its old ways might speak to the fact that they are unwilling or unable to evolve. Or perhaps its Web users rejection of purely Web-based applications.

AOL Desktop leaves me flat. I’m not excited but I know two people who probably are: mom and dad. And that hardly seems like a burgeoning audience.