AOL CEO Tim Armstrong Explores Yahoo Deal

Let's make a deal.

Verizon has dispatched AOL CEO Tim Armstrong to explore striking a deal for some of Yahoo’s brands. Bloomberg reports that while there have been no formal talks, Armstrong is looking into it.

The biggest factor behind Verizon’s interest in Yahoo’s brands is Verizon’s go90 streaming service. The company wants to expand it, and what better way to do that than by grabbing some of Yahoo’s many users?

As Bloomberg notes:

Yahoo, with more than 1 billion people using its e-mail, finance, sports and video sites, represents a prized asset to combine with AOL’s 2 million users and Verizon’s more than 112 million wireless subscribers. That kind of Web traffic, along with exclusive content, is just what Verizon needs to secure a foothold in video advertising against YouTube and Facebook serving a mobile phone-addicted generation.