AOL Advertising Gets a New Chief Marketing Officer

Erika Nardini promoted to new role

Erika Nardini, previously AOL's vp, head of marketing solutions, has been promoted to chief marketing officer of AOL Advertising, the company announced on Tuesday.

Nardini's job is a new one, sort of. Last December, AOL's previous CMO exited the company after just a few months on the job. At the time, AOL indicated at the time that it was getting rid of the position. But Jim Norton, svp of AOL Advertising, emphasized that this time around, the CMO gig is different in that it's not focused on AOL as a consumer brand.

"Erika is a marketing operator. She utilizes creativity and innovation with a strategic angle making memorable and dynamic marketing for AOL Advertising," wrote Norton in a blog post announcing the news. "She has driven the core barbell strategy for AOL, defining the strength and balance that we offer to our clients and partners."

The "barbell strategy" amounts to programmatic advertising on one side and more specialized marketing and branding opportunities on the other.

"What we see is there's a very intense need for consolidation and simplification of digital media buying practices," Nardini said in an interview. "Everything that can go programmatic, will go programmatic." There's also a need for premium advertising environments, she added, noting that AOL Advertising allows brands to "take advantage of both sides."

Nardini joined AOL from Demand Media in January.