AOL Acquires Personal Splash Page Startup

Simplicity sells. Yesterday co-founder Tony Conrad announced in a blog post that the custom splash page and personal analytics dashboard had been sold to AOL less than a week after its launch to the public. He and his co-founders, Ryan Freitas and Tim Young and the rest of the team will move forward “start-up-style” from within Brad Garlinhouse’s Consumer Applications group at AOL.

Founded in 2009, raised $425,000 in funding from investors including AOL Ventures and True Ventures. The site allows users to build a simple homepage with a photo, a brief description and links to the user’s other social media profiles. The site launched in private Beta in September with 400,000 users.

This marks the second acquisition to AOL for Tony Conrad, who had sold a previous venture, Sphere, to the company in April, 2008. Conrad did not disclose the numbers for, but TechCrunch estimates that the company sold for tens of millions of dollars.