Anyone Looking for a Tacky Way to Commemorate Andrew Breitbart?

If you are looking for a funky way to remember conservative media guru Andrew Breitbart, then boy do I have the gift for you. Artist David Bugnon has created this… um… interesting print of the late Breitbart. He seems to be decked out in some sort of medieval dragon-slaying suit of armor floating on a cloud (presumably from heaven.)

A description from the site where you can buy this masterpiece says:

“Andrew would happily fight people, organizations and governments with tooth, fang and claw if he sensed any anti-American BS. David Bugnon’s piece captures Breitbart’s essence as a contrarian: confident and geared-up.”

I’m not sure that Breitbart ever “geared-up” to look like a stand-in for the community theater production of “Spamalot.” The fact is, this isn’t my kind of artwork, but some maniac might want to hang this on the wall of their trailer next to their “Velvet-Elvis” painting. However, I may have some bad news. To buy one of these, will set you back $3,999.95! You can buy smaller versions of the print, but the cheapest you can purchase is a pack of five postcards for $9.95.

Hanging on to any shred of good taste: priceless.

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