Anyone Can Create an iPhone App With AppMakr

Recently, I’ve found myself lying in bed at 3am, eyes wide open, thinking to myself, ‘there’s NOT an app for that!’

What I lack in technical expertise, I make up for with ideas. Unfortunately for me, these days, the guy with the coding experience is the guy who makes bank.

But there are workarounds. Wix helps my Flash deficiencies. SquareSpace helps me avoid WordPress updates. And now AppMakr can turn me into an iPhone genius.

A combination of RSS feeds and searches will help make your Website’s content available for app building. Multiple feeds? No problem. Mash up your Twitter, YouTube and blog feed – add a few customizations – and you could be on your way to earning cash.

According to the AppMakr:

Want to make some money on your app? No problem. You can charge for your app in the iTunes App Store, or you can place ads from leading ad providers like Google, DoubleClick and AdMob, or even put your own custom javascript ad tag in. 1) Choose the ad provider you’d like to use or 2) put a custom ad tag in – that’s all there is to it!

There are some startup costs involved. $199 gets your app live. $499 saves it to your own machine for further manipulation and sets you up with an Apple Developer Account. The $199 package has your apps published by AppMakr.

With a WSYWIG interface, anyone – and we mean anyone – can create a fully functional Phone application.

The newly launched site is already making a splash. Over the past few days, thousands of apps have been created.